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Shredding of Toner Cartridges
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Background information to our Shredder-Project

On this page we would like to bring the history of the project in more detail.

The toner and ink industry talking for years about how to dispose of defective and not re-usable modules environmentally conscious. The only way has been the thermal utilization.

This method of disposal was for us, as certified waste management company, always expandable. For this reason we have long been thought about how you can recycle environmentally friendly non-reusable toner cartridges and drum units, and above all useful.

In our opinion, the most sensible method is shredding. Through this process, the modules are „broken down” in their individual ingredients in the form of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals by machine. After the subsequent separation, the individual, sometimes very damaging to the environment extracted commodities such as aluminum, the recycling industry is able to use them. Thus, an actual recycling process would be given by the new product on the refilled toner cartridge or ink cartridge to the recovery of the contained materials. Another distinct advantage is of course the enormous reduction in CO² emissions cause the combustion process becomes no longer necessary.

After initial, enormous problems, finding prospective for our project, we quickly turned the question: What about the actual recycling awareness in all sectors have to do with these materials? The solution, for example a shredder option, to take distance of the thermal utilization was within reach. But the expected enthusiasm never returned. It seemed as if there would be no further interest.

Also from various environmental organizations, as well as at the political level was no ideological support found.

Apparently we were not believed, that we, the Shredex GmbH in Thuringia, could provide such a project on its feet?

But we have not given up! A surrender was not an option for us! The week-long, intensive work in the areas of project planning, research, pricing and customer acquisition should have been for naught? Not with us!

And now we can say - we did it. The project thus shredding and environmentally sound recycling of non-reusable toner cartridges, ink cartridges and drum units has started. The first tons have already been processed and other waste disposal contracts are available. The empties purchaser and Refilled of toner and ink cartridges are now interested in the project and send their modules. Even from other European countries we have questions.

Certainly there are still skeptics with a doubtful recycling awareness. But now that the system is in operation, we hope that also increases their interest. Should not this be the case, we have set ourselves the goal, among other things, to convince these companies with descriptive statistics and comparative studies.