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Shredding of Toner Cartridges
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Resource recovery through shredding

For years our industry complains about toner and ink, such as faulty and not refillable toner and ink cartridges are disposed of. The only way has been the thermal treatment.

This method was for us, as a certified waste management company, always a thorn in the side. During the thermal „recovery” of the toner cartridges, ink cartridges and drum units are hundreds of millions of tons of natural resources such as petroleum, iron, copper, aluminum irretrievably destroyed. For the production of new printer consumables, raw materials have accordingly reduced from scratch, be prepared and processed. It consumes enormous amounts of energy and over again, drinking water and other valuable resources, and ultimately leads the world in a gradual escalation of raw material shortages.

Therefore, we have been thinking.

By shredding the toner cartridges, ink cartridges and drum units are „broken down” in their individual ingredients in the form of plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metal mechanically. After the subsequent separation of the individual materials, the recycling industry is able to use them again. If you consider that in one kilogram of plastic, the average weight of a toner cartridge, about 2 kg of crude oil are processed, it is frightening how much over the years this material was burned carelessly. Furthermore it is known that arise during production and combustion of 1 kg of plastics per 3 kg CO². The value of the metals is not even considered here.

Shredder - Toner-Cartridge - ingredients 1materials for the shredding process
Shredder - Toner-Cartridge - ingredients 2unsorted after first crushing process
Shredder - Toner-Cartridge - ingredients 3ferrous metals Shredder - Toner-Cartridge - ingredients 4non-ferrous metals Shredder - Toner-Cartridge - ingredients 5crushed plastic

The system makes it possible to approximately 500 tons per month, toner cartridges, ink cartridges drum / fuser units to handle. By putting the above values underlying this would mean:

500 tons = 500,000 kg x 2 kg of crude oil = 1,000,000 kg of crude oil saved per month!
The CO²-values would be reduced by 3,000,000 kg per month!

All raw materials are reclaimed. Thereby, we save the environment an unnecessary depletion of resources. Thus, an actual recycling process would be given. From new product, the refilled toner cartridge or ink cartridge to the recovery of the contained materials.